About Corey


Corey Jewell-Taylor aka P.C. – grew up in the inner city of Detroit, under some challenging circumstances, but by the Grace of God, he was surrounded by Angels in a grandmother and others that stepped in to give him a foundation and to help guide him.

He managed to marry his high-school prom date and move to Alabama and after 25 years of marriage and still growing  everyday, they are seemingly living the suburban dream, as he juggles pastoring, entrepreneurship and family life. Though they surely went through the ebbs and flows of a young marriage and he definitely understands losing a business and all of your hard earned possessions, seemingly in a moments notice. Fortunately, they were able to rebuild and exceed their previous heights, using a systematic approach, that we believe can help to sustain the coming storms for ourselves and ultimately for others, as our only goal is to help others meet their destiny.

Education & Professional Life

He acquired a seminary degree and Bachelors of Business Administration and various certifications to include credit repair, financial coaching and more.  He has been in the insurance industry, business sectors and variety of ministries for many years in North Alabama. He is also the author of the upcoming book release of “Book 67” a daily devotion and a DYI- 7-step credit repair. He and his wife, Dana reside in the Huntsville area of Alabama with their daughter Daijah. When he is not helping others “Shake Hands with Destiny”, which is truly relaxing to him, but he also enjoys cooking, family time and he is wants to learn the game of “chess” if he can ever sit down long enough to learn the rules.


He has a vision to fulfill the needs of the people, using a systematic approach, inorder to Eradicate Hardships and Stimulate Lives.